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In 7 steps to becoming a professional for search-engine-optimized
and successful website, mobile app or web software.

Project Analysis & Market Analysis

In order to advertise your company, your products and services in the best possible way, to maximise your sales and enquiries and thus increase the turnover of your company, we begin with a comprehensive analysis of your project before planning & conception. What is the purpose of the website, what are your short-term & long-term goals and where are your target groups?

By clarifying these essential questions for the success of your web project, we enter into a direct dialogue with you and, if necessary, your employees and, if necessary, analyze the market for competitor density, improvement possibilities for competition and find ways to address your target groups directly and in the best possible way.

Concept development & planning

A professionally elaborated concept ensures a clear and error-free workflow and smooth communication for the future design and development of your website / web project.

The creation of a sitemap, a list of all content pages with desired functions is the first step in the planning of your website. After a complete listing, the pages are arranged in a tree structure according to hierarchy (importance) and made available to you as a PDF document for approval. The last step in the concept design includes the technologies which are best suited for your goals.

If you also want to make your content available to users of mobile devices, you need a content management system for the independent adaptation of the content, an “additional” web shop for the sale of your products or an individually tailored web software.

Webdesign / responsive design

The first impression counts, you don’t get a second chance!
For the visitors of your website, aesthetics and user-friendliness count.

The right choice of colour, typography, visual language, animation and design ensure a pleasant appearance and clarity of your website, app or web software. Contemporary trends, adherence to your corporate identity for recognition, clear user guidance with a focus on the content and the habits of your target groups ensure the long-term success of your website.

Once the design is complete, the style of the website is determined. This includes the colour scheme, the use of illustrations and icons, suitable fonts and font sizes.

Website content - content

Search engines like to read, your visitors don’t! A good content conveys quickly and without detours the desired information and still offers enough additional material for Google and Co…

Good content should be relevant. Relevant for the user and their interest to visit the website. The website, app or web software must offer an added value, therefore the goal is to inform and / or entertain the visitors in the best possible way.

Added value also counts for search engines, especially in the scope of the text and the use of media content such as images and videos. Links to further information inside and outside your website are also appreciated.

Web Development / Programming

After design and content have been determined, the actual development begins. The programming of your website, app or web software.

Depending on which technique was chosen in advance, templates are programmed with HTML and CSS and information is entered from database via interfaces and output in the website or the system. When using content management systems or online shops, existing modules are used or new modules with suitable input surfaces are developed.

After finishing the programming for desktop devices it is necessary to display the website in the best possible way for mobile devices with different operating systems and, if necessary, to create an additional version (responsive web design).

Detailed Test - Bugfix

To ensure that your website can be operated without errors by your visitors, we carry out extensive tests for possible technical errors, browser compatibility and usability.

The computer and mobile technology changes very fast, therefore different devices as well as their operating systems (Windows, Android, Macintosh, Linux, …) and software (Firefox, Internet Explorer, …) can cause different representations and faulty displays of the website.

In our detailed test of the website we put its functions to the acid test on different devices and on different platforms. It goes without saying that we set minimum requirements and adhere to statistics on user behaviour. Last but not least, it is important to check whether the website can fulfil the benefits defined in the project analysis.

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